Lotto is a very popular game in our country, because it has been played for several centuries and today it is also possible to play inside the online gambling platforms which are concessionaires of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS). In this article we will see how users can play the web for free and for what purpose.

A brief history of the game

Before talking about how you can play lotto for free, we want to deliberately take a step back to retrace the history of this important gambling game. The game of lotto, unlike those who think, was not born in Naples (the city where he perfected himself) but in Genoa, on the occasion of the elections of the five senators around the sixteenth century. Around the first twenty years of the seventeenth century a regulation was introduced in the Republic of Venice and over time, as the game developed, more and more people were involved to such an extent that the revenues deriving from the game were used to satisfy needs. public but also for the realization of pious works once the Papal States understood their importance. With the proclamation of Roma Capitale in 1870 the wheels, on which to be able to play, became first six then ten. Today, the game draws are three per week and the game is managed by AAMS in collaboration with the Lottomatica company.

Systems, tactics and strategies

More than playing lotto for free, today many people study strategies but also mathematical systems to increase their chances of winning. In reality, the free lottery, like any other game of chance, is strongly influenced by luck and chance, so that strategies can affect only a small part of the final result of the game itself.

The free game programs

Today it is possible to play for free on the net, as there are programs that can be used by interacting directly on the site to get an idea of ??how random the output of the numbers and the purely random nature that this gambling has . Precisely for this reason, one must be careful not to persevere with the bets as the lotto game could become too dangerous, especially if it takes too long to bet on a latecomer number that does not come out.

The importance of free play

Playing the lotto for free is important for many reasons. The first is because the player without suffering losses realizes that the existence of each game depends only on luck. The player himself has the opportunity to learn the simple rules but also to study any strategies that could be used to try to improve his position and increase his chances of achieving a free lottery win.

The game in AAMS Online Casinos

Once they have learned the rules of the game and entered the mechanisms of the game using the free lottery program available on the net, users have the opportunity to try their luck playing their games comfortably on the net, perhaps making the most of the casino bonuses and welcome bonuses that AAMS Online Casinos make available to newly registered users.