The word Montecarlo evokes in the mind of everything the maximum expression of luxury, pomp, glamor, and all that can represent a point of arrival in the life of each person. Montecarlo has always been a very important showcase where characters from the world of fashion, sports, rich industrialists from all over the world, put themselves on display on their yachts moored in the splendid port of the Principality, or in their luxury cars that dart along the path citizen, home of the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix.

A little history of the Principality of Monaco

The history of Montecarlo is closely linked to that of the Grimaldi dynasty. Everything can be traced back to this episode which is dated 8 January 1297 when, Francesco Grimaldi disguised as a monk, managed to seize the fortress that the Genoese had built in 1215. Since then the Grimaldi dynasty has ruled over this small strip of land that since Spanish protectorate, step with the Treaty of Peronne of 1643 under France, where Montecarlo is still now.

Geographical location of Montcarlo

Montecarlo is a very small state, the penultimate in the world to be precise, after Vatican City. It overlooks the Riviera di Ponente and borders the French municipalities of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, La Turbie, Beausoleil and Cap-d’Ail. Despite the very small territorial surface of this state, Montecarlo hosts more than 32000 people, all of different nationalities; of which only 7 thousand Monegasque. These numbers make Montecarlo the sovereign state with the highest population density. The Principality of Monaco is a constitutional monarchy, currently the ruling prince is Albert II of Monaco, who has taken the place of his father Rainier III after his death.

Monaco Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montecarlo is now an event that has taken place since April 14, 1929, the date of the first edition of this sporting event; while the first edition which was valid for the Formula 1 world championship is dated 21 May 1950. The race has the shortest track in the world, with its 260.52 km, resulting from the 78 laps of the length of the track that it only has 3.34 km. Even the city track has its history and every curve, each straight has a well-defined name that recalls something of this beautiful town. Suggestive points are the chicane of the swimming pools, the tunnel that leads to the descent of the port, the first curve called Saint Devote, the famous curve of the Casino, the Mirabeau hairpin bend, the Loews, the mythical curve of the Tobacconist and the Rascasse. Names that evoke historical battles between formula one racing cars, despite overtaking on the track of the Montecarlo circuit.

Events in Montecarlo

There are many events that take place every week in the Principality of Monaco. Montecarlo is the scene of a thousand initiatives such as international exhibitions, sporting events such as the European Super Cup final which takes place at the Louis II stadium every August, the aforementioned Formula 1 Grand Prix, very important shows, concerts and festivals. Among these, the Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie certainly stands out, organized for 10 years by Ezio Greggio, who is also the presenter and Mario Monicelli, who is the president of the jury. This event which sees famous directors and actors from all over the world flock to the prestigious Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo.

Montecarlo Casino

Montecarlo is also very famous for its splendid casino. Although we are now in the age of the internet and online casinos, that of Montecarlo remains one of the most popular casinos for elegance and luxury, this casino, in fact, represents a must in the world and here you will find many characters and wealthy industrialists from all over the world to play and have fun in the splendid rooms furnished with style and pomp. Inside we find: the Salon Europe with the European and English roulette tables, those of the trente et quarante, the punto banco, and the texas hold’em ultimate poker. Then there are the private rooms and terraces where you can play European roulette, chemin de fer or black jack, punto banco, and trente et quarante. Then there is the Salle des Amériques dedicated entirely to blackjack and on special request there is the famous Sale Supers Privés. In the lobby it is possible to play the slot machines, with the possibility of being able to access for free, without having to pay the entrance as it happens for the other rooms; and finally there is the Salle Blanche entirely dedicated to slot machines.