William Hill Casino When we hear the name Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is casino. This city of 1,300,000 in the state of Nevada has always been associated with gambling. Located in the Mid West just a few hours drive from Los Angeles, Las Vegas is also very famous because in the 1930s it was possible, thanks to the very soft laws of the state of Nevada, to get married and divorce a few hours away. Today this is no longer the case and Las Vegas, which has developed around its casinos, is also becoming a congress and exhibition center of world importance.

The style of the city of Las Vegas

When you set foot in Las Vegas you are all surprised by the structures on this strip of land located in the desert. Once a city full of saloons where miners were looking for refreshment after a day of work, Las Vegas in less than 20 years has literally changed its face, becoming a sort of outdoor playground. In addition to the gambling that dominates here, making it an institution, there are also many themed hotels, which offer the approximately 40 million tourists who flock to Las Vegas from all over the world every year, attractions that they can satisfy both adults and children; all in the name of kitsch, absolute pomp and opulence.

Las Vegas hotels

Las Vegas hotels are not the same as those found around the world; but they are the result of a stylistic appeal of all the works of art present all over the world. Looking at the most important street in Las Vegas, the “Strip”, there are many hotels: the newly built Mandalay Bay and the Luxor, a black pyramid with an adjoining Sphinx that welcomes customers on arrival; while inside the setting is obviously all in Egyptian style. Going forward on this road you come across the Excalibur hotel, which as the name recites, recalls the ancient Middle Ages. Then there is the New York New York hotel which, as the name implies, is nothing more than the reproduction of the skyline of the American town. There is therefore the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building; and among them are crossed by a roller coaster very excited and to try. On the other side of the road, however, there is the MGM which has the distinction of being the largest hotel in the world with its 6,000 rooms. It has a cinematographic inspiration and is home to almost all the great events and shows that take place during the year in Las Vegas.

Other magnificent scenery and other hotels

In addition to the aforementioned hotels, Las Vegas also offers other well-known accommodations with themed settings. For example there is the Tropicana, the Montecarlo Hotel and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, with a clear Parisian setting and the new Aladdin. Crossing Las Vegas Boulevard you will arrive at the most spectacular area of ??the city. In this area of ??Las Vegas there is the famous Hotel Bellagio which recalls the city of Como, which has fabulous interiors and the inevitable light and water show that the adjacent lake offers. Near the Bellagio there is the Ceasar Palace with a clear Roman setting and the MIrage Hotel which offers, with the volcano in front of its entrance, the spectacle of the eruption at 15-minute intervals. The Treasure Island Hotel and the Venetian Hotel close this very important street, faithfully reproducing the city of Venice, including the Grand Canal.

Casinos in Las Vegas

There are as many casinos in Las Vegas as there are hotels on this strip of land. Players are spoiled for choice because entering the city of Las Vegas enters the game. You can play any game of chance, in any place and especially at any time.

Getting married in Las Vegas

As we said at the beginning, Las Vegas is also famous for marriages and flash divorces. Here around 144,000 are celebrated every year. Around this thing a sort of business was born with “wedding chapels” of all religious backgrounds. Ad hoc packages have been created, a sort of “wedding packages”, such as tourist packages, where aspiring newlyweds can have the flight, the hotel, the compilation of the paperwork for the ceremony, the organization of the party with the rent of clothes, and accommodation in other hotels of the guests. The hotels offer these packages, also by associating the theme of the hotel itself. Like at the Las Vegas Hilton, you can get married on the Enterprise deck, with clothes identical to those of the Star Trek protagonists. As can be seen from what is reported in the article, this city is not only important for gambling but certainly also VIP casinos and many others have contributed to making Las Vegas one of the most loved cities ever.